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MM4XL Sales and marketing forecast methods are a significant part of business management and business planning. MM4XL provides Sales Forecast tools like: time-series forecasting, scenario modelling and simulation, as well as other forecast methods. All in one single Excel add-in software, rich in marketing examples and based on sound management theory.

MM4XL software tools are used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to make better business decisions. All tools are available in one single Excel add-in software.


Sales Forecast Tools

Click on the following links to learn more about the MM4XL Sales Forecast tools or select a different group of tools from the links MM4XL Tools on the left side of the screen.

Accurate Forecasts with 14 Forecasting Methods using Sales History Data and Linear Programming Forecast Manager for Optimized Short-Term Forecast
14 different time-series forecasting methods, applying linear programming optimization to find the forecast with the very best fit to the input data. With the Forecast Manager software tool you can make (really) accurate short-term projections from any sort of historical data. Read more...

Monte Carlo Simulation Software for Risk Analysis and Process Management Monte Carlo Simulation Software for Risk Analysis and Process Management
Used for business modelling and simulation, this tool helps reduce business risk and creates solid business scenarios and decision models. Risk Analyst performs risk analysis, applying the Monte Carlo simulation technique to simulate the outcomes of management processes, business process, sales forecast, pricing model, and more. Read more...

Business Formulas: Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models in Excel Business Formulas for Excel Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models
Improve business analysis and marketing models using these formulas in Microsoft Excel. They apply to marketing planning and control as well as to business analysis, monitoring, pricing, forecasting, market research, and much more.. Read more...

Brand switch software tool for customer loyalty and retention estimates from sales performance data Brand Switch Software for Customer Loyalty and Retention Estimates from Sales Data
Estimate customer loyalty and future market share for all competitors using sales data in the form of time series. Customer loyalty and retention estimates help in understanding sales dynamics, may be used to forecast sales, and are a valid alternative to expensive market research studies. Read more...

Profile Manager Software: How to Model Market Development Profile Manager Software to Model Market Development
Estimate market shares using a market model made with the product profile of direct competitor brands. Profile Manager software evaluates the effect of several variables on the competitiveness of different products and estimates their market shares. Read more...

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