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Marketing Seminars

Our seminars transfer analytical know-how and favor strategic thinking.

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Seminar Introduction to MM4XL Introduction to MM4XL Software
Learn how to use MM4XL software and how to extract from your data information useful for decision-making. Each tool is explained: how to use it, how to interpret results, and what is the theory behind it. The case examples can be prepared with your own data.
Seminar Strategic Planning Strategic Planning
This seminar shows you how to write strategies for marketing purposes (marketing strategy, product positioning, copy and media strategy, and much more)i It teaches how to set business goals, and it explains what data is needed to write useful plans.
Seminar Strategic Communication Strategic Communication
Learn how to create effective advertising and promotional campaigns (both off- and online). We discuss the elements of strategic planning for communication purposes and provide many examples of the executive aspects that drive effective communication. At the end of the seminar you will have the knowledge to improve the quality of your campaigns.
Seminar Strategic Market Mapping Strategic Market Mapping
This seminar is for strategic-minded people aware of the importance of effective brand positioning. We show how to make markets visible on a map, how to identify and attack direct competitors, and how to defend profitable positions.
Seminar Product Portfolio Analysis Product Portfolio Analysis
A complete review of product portfolio analysis. We show how to draw an overview of the businesses a company deals with, of the competitive performance of single products, and of products able to deliver incremental growth. We discuss how to analyze a portfolio of new business ideas and how to estimate their probability of success.
Seminar Scenario Modeling Techniques Scenario Modeling Techniques
We show how to frame risky and expensive decisions with scenario models (simulated with the Monte Carlo technique) and how to select the best option (using decision trees). At the end of this seminar you will be able to make the best choices when launching new products, making long-term projections, etc.
Seminar Survey Planning and Analysis Survey Planning and Analysis
These seminars show how to plan and produce highly professional survey studies that contain reliable findings and help save money. We show how to define the right sample size, tabulate data, test significance and variation, and how to extract actionable knowledge from survey numbers.
Seminar Business Data Segmentation Business Data Segmentation
These seminars shed light on the many ways segmentation applies to business issues. You learn when to use each segmentation method, and how to apply the techniques in-house, using MM4XL software, saving on expensive consultants.
Seminar Short-Term Forecasting and Trend Analysis Short-Term Forecasting and Trend Analysis
Users of time series will appreciate this comprehensive overview of forecasting methods, accuracy of fit measurement, treatment of special events, and selection of optimal unknown variables. On top of this, we also review principles of statistical quality control.
Seminar Charting Business Data Charting Business Data
These seminars show how to make business charts in MS Excel, how to improve them with MM4XL software (for instance adding item labels to bubble charts or re-sizing quadrants), and how to draw new and useful charts and maps not available in Excel.
Seminar Ad hoc Seminars Ad hoc Seminars
Are there any topics in marketing, business intelligence, strategic planning, advertising and communication, scenario modeling or other business subjects that you would like to know more about? MarketingStat can help you. Use our form to contact us or call 0800 MY DATA in Switzerland.

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