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In MM4XL software you find all the Business Analysis Tools for Strategic Marketing Management in One Comprehensive Excel Add-In

MM4XL resources for marketing

Click the links below to access MM4XL references and other materials that will help you learn about and use MM4XL software. Gain data analysis experience and foster your strategic thinking with MM4XL software!

MM4XL - User's Guide   MM4XL User's Guide (Online)
  MM4XL User's Guide (CHM, Windows help file, 6Mb)
  MM4XL User's Guide (PDF, 10Mb - 436 pages)
MM4XL - All business analysis reports   Full list of MM4XL tool reports (3.1 Mb PDF)
  Printout of all reports produced with MM4XL tools, user forms and input data
MM4XL - All business analysis reports   Quick start to use MM4XL software (0.2 Mb PDF)
  Become proficient with MM4XL in 5 easy steps
MM4XL - User Guide   MM4XL brochures
  Brochures of our products and services
MM4XL - User Guide   Book Mapping Markets for Strategic Purposes
  How to apply Brand Mapping
Eye Tracking test   Eye Tracking tool to test ads and other visual material
  Eye Tracking report example you receive from us

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