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Brochure MarketingStat   MarketingStat: All the Products (0.8Mb - PDF)
  All you need to know about MarketingStat
Brochure MM4XL software   MM4XL Software (3Mb - PDF - 4 languages: E-F-I-S)
  Professional business analysis tools for strategic marketing management
Brochure text coding for market research   Coding of Text for Market Research and... (2Mb - PDF)
  Text analysis such as open-ended survey questions, comments of website visitors,
  call center conversations, and more...
Brochure marketing seminars   Our Marketing Seminars (1Mb - PDF)
  Our seminars for marketing are held on-site at the client premises
Brochure copytest for marketing   Online CopyTest (0.8Mb - PDF)
  Is your advertising copy catching and memorable ? We can help you find out

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