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Market Research Tools for Professional Survey Research Planning and Data Analysis

MM4XL Market Research software tools used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to plan and analyze better survey studies.

From sample size definition to CrossTab, cluster analysis, statistical significance test and much more. You have all the tools you need for professional marketing research planning and survey data analysis in a single Excel add-in software.

MM4XL software tools are used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to make better business decisions. All tools are available in one single Excel add-in software.


Market Research Tools

Click on the following links to learn more about the MM4XL Market Research tools or select a different group of tools from the links MM4XL Tools on the left side of the screen.

Sample Size Calculation Software Sample Manager: How many Interviews in a Survey?
Sample size calculator used for professional market research design. Easy and accurate random sample size design calculation with the Sample Manager software tool. A must-have tool for those in marketing and market research. Read more...

Business Formulas: Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models in Excel Business Formulas for Excel Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models
Improve business analysis and marketing models using these formulas in Microsoft Excel. They apply to marketing planning and control as well as to business analysis, monitoring, pricing, forecasting, market research, and much more.. Read more...

Business Performance Test Software for Sales Promotion Analysis Variation Analyst for Business Performance Result Evaluation
Test whether a significant difference exists between the results of comparable groups, such as sales growth in regions with and without a promotional offer. It applies the analysis of variance (ANOVA) method to a variety of data; reports results in a concise and comprehensible manner; and draws easy to understand, yet very helpful, charts designed for business decision-makers rather than statisticians. Read more...

Significance Test of Difference of Proportion Software Proportion Analyst for Significance Test of Market Research Data
Test whether survey answers differ significantly in statistical terms. This is a recurrent question when interpreting, for instance, results from marketing survey studies, promotional campaigns, or sales results. When investigating product acceptance, for example, testing whether there are statistically significant differences between target segments is a basic step to a correct interpretation of the results of the study. This tool is written for marketers, rather than statisticians. Read more...

CrossTab - Survey Data Analysis Software for Cross Tabulation CrossTab for Frequency Tables of Survey Questions
Make professional cross tables with the answers to open and closed survey questions. CrossTab computes counts, frequencies, significance test and many other metrics. Contingency tables are needed for survey data analysis and any time you want to analyze two or more variables jointly. Read more...

Cluster analysis software for marketing segmentation Cluster Analysis for Marketing Segmentation and Data Clustering
Find homogeneous groups useful for shaping marketing programs. This Cluster Analysis software tool is for marketing segmentation and more. It applies the k-means and ward clustering techniques. Makes dendrogram charts and shows exactly the information you need for better marketing segmentation decisions. Read more...

Marketing Segmentation Tree Diagram Chart Software Segmentation Tree makes Tree Diagrams for Marketing
Use survey data to make segmentations useful for creating customer profiles, marketing segmentation and classification analysis. Segmentation Tree software is a data mining tool that makes tree diagrams which are useful for marketing segmentation and classification analysis, typically for customer segmentation and item segmentation. Read more...

Brand mapping software tool for marketing analysis and segmentation Brand Mapping for Product Positioning Map
Brand maps help to work out brand positioning, marketing programs, market segmentation. The Brand Mapping software tool produces a picture of a competitive environment, such as a market. This picture, displayed as a map, is used to stimulate strategic reasoning for product positioning, market segmentation, and much more. Read more...

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