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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase MM4XL Software

MM4XL is not a free application. It can be used free of charge during the trial period. Then you have to buy a license to continue using it without infringing copyrights.

Yes, MM4XL software is 64-bit and 32-bit compatible for both the Windows operating system and MS Excel.

You can find the MM4XL price list here.

Yes, in one of two ways. Contact us to receive an invoice, which you can pay with a bank wire transfer. Alternatively, save the products you wish to buy in the shopping cart. From the shopping cart, click on the button Proceed to Checkout, and in the new page that opens select your preferred method of payment.

Yes, it is secure. In order to make your purchase even more safe, our online shop uses the ShareIt technology, one of the most trusted online payment services worldwide.

About Installation and License

Go to the Try page and download MM4XL software.

Installing MM4XL software is very simple and clean. You can install MM4XL in one of two ways:
     1. When you download it, click the Install button in the form that appears
     2. After you have downloaded it, double-click on the file name you saved on you PC
Finally, follow the instructions you see on-screen to install MM4XL software.

In one of two ways:
     1. In the Windows Menu open the folder MM4XL and click on Uninstall
     2.In the folder where MM4XL was installed double-click on the file unins000
That is it.

No. MM4XL works only with Windows PC.

Hardware Requirements
    - At least 256 MB RAM, the more the better
    - Pentium processor (preferred, but not a must)
    - At least 35 MB of disk space
Software Requirements
    - MS Windows® 32-bit or 64-bit (XP and newer versions, including Win 7, Vista and 8)
    - Microsoft Excel® 95 or newer

Shareware is the try-before-you-buy method of software distribution and marketing, and not a type of program. Shareware software is a free trial version, and it's more than a free trial; it's a free trial that you can share with your friends. When you find a product that does what you need, you'll buy the full version. MM4XL software is a member of the ASP, Association of Software Professional.

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application in the world. It is a trademark of Microsoft CorporationTM. MM4XL software works as a software add-in to Excel®, embedding in Excel a set of very powerful tools useful for business analysis, marketing, market research, quality control, sales forecasting, and much more.


Go to the download page to get the latest MM4XL software version.

At every startup MM4XL tests whether a newer version has been released. To check manually, select Test Version from the MM4XL menu.

Contact us and we will help you.

Yes, both to get introduced to the use of MM4XL software and to learn how to do professional marketing management. Read more about our seminars.

Sure. Contact us and we will help you.


This may happen to users of Windows Vista and newer versions. To solve the issue, close Excel, right-click on the MM4XL software icon and in the popup window that opens select the option Start as administrator. You need to do so only once. Moreover, ask your IT support to give Write allowance to both folders where MM4XL and where MS Excel are installed. If you still cannot solve your issue, contact us and we will help you.

Users of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 will find the MM4XL software menu under the Addin tab. All other users will find the option MM4XL in the Excel menu and they will see the floatting toolbar where to choose the single tools from.

First you have to open and close the software tool. The first time you open the example files you may need to delete the link address in all cells showing #NAME or #VALUE. The link address looks something like 'C:\MM4XL\Mm4xl_5.xla'!.

First you have to open and close the software tool. If this does not fix the issue, read the answer to the question Why do the example files of the Risk Analyst, Decision Tree, and Business Functions tools not show any values in the cells?

This issue does not happen frequently, and it is caused by Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, Excel does not release resources after its use. If your Excel becomes very slow the only solution is to re-start Excel or re-start the computer.

About MM4XL Software

The software development began in 1997 and the first version went online in the year 1998.

MM4XL software is trademark of MarketingStat GmbH, a Swiss company located in Christoph Merian-Ring 11, 4153 Reinach BL, Switzerland. Phone: +41 (0)61 401 6055, Fax: +41 (0)61 401 6074.

MM4XL software users are on 5 continents and in 70+ countries. Most users are from business organizations, such as large corporations, marketing research agencies, marketing consulting and the like. Many users are from educational organizations, like universities, business schools, marketing management professors, and students.
Do not wait longer: join our exclusive circle of clients now and become a better marketer. Buy MM4XL software now.

How to use MM4XL Software

You can become a better marketer. The many tools available in MM4XL software allow you to look at your business from a professional, scientific perspective that enables you to take better business decisions. Contact us if you have a business case you want to discuss with our marketing and business analysis experts.

Start by reading the Help file. Then study the Example files. Then run a first analysis using the data in the Example file of the tool you select. This process may cost you some time, but it is worth the effort. If you need more help we provide training seminars too. Visit also the Resources page.

First of all in the Help file (open it from the MM4XL software tools or from the folder MM4XL under the Windows menu). As well, many tools have a Quick Help embedded in the tool form. Read also the answer to the question How can I learn to use the tools of MM4XL software?

No. However, you can print a copy of the PDF version of the MM4XL User's Guide.

Partnering with us

As a thank you for your support, for all purchases of Euro 980 and above you may be eligible for an MM4XL software license free of charge. First you have to register as an Authorized Reseller of MM4XL software

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