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Marketing Analysis Charts and Maps Unavailable in Excel

MM4XL Business Charts and Maps provide visualization tools useful for marketing analysis and business data analysis, that overcome the limitations of common Excel charts.

MM4XL software is used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to make better business decisions. All tools are available in one single Excel add-in software.


Business Charts and Maps Tools

Click on the following links to learn more about the MM4XL Business Charts and Maps or select a different group of tools from the links MM4XL Tools on the left side of the screen.

Semantic Differential Measurement Scale Chart Software Semantic Differential Chart
This chart, missing in Excel, is useful for plotting data such as product profiles or survey answers gathered with a Likert scale. Semantic differential is typically used in attitude analysis. To investigate attitude, Osgood's semantic differential scale links the measurement to the connotative meaning of words placed on a bipolar scale such as "Expensive-Cheap", "Clean-Dirty", and so on. Read more...

Bubble Maps Software for Scatter Plot and Circle Charts Smart Mapping makes Bubble Chart with Labels
3D maps rich in features (like bubble labels and trend arrows) used to find associations within sales data, for instance, for several products of one company or of several competitors. A bubble map is a scatter plot whose points have been enlarged to circles, and the diameter refers to a third variable. Smart Mapping draws two basic kinds of bubble charts: with common bubbles and with normalized variables. Read more...

Plot 3D Axis Charts in Excel with Bubble Graph Software 4D Map: Bubble Chart with 3D axes (xyz)
Like Smart Mapping (see tool above), but with one more dimension, the z-axis. 4D Chart tool draws a bubble plot with 3D axes (xyz) in Excel by rotating the plane and distancing the bubbles from it. The fourth chart dimension is represented by the bubble size. Read more...

Mind Mapping Software for Concept and Project Management Project Map: Mind Maps for Concept and Project Management
Mind Maps are synthetic roadmaps designed to help business decision-makers when creating, managing, and communicating ideas and concepts. The main strength of the Mind Mapping tool is its function of structuring even very complex material, like business ideas and concepts, in a clear graphical format, creating a strong visual impact. Read more...

Stacked Charts (Bar-Column-Line) - Eliminate the Scale of Measurement Effect Stacked Charts: Make More Readable Charts
Remove the distortion due to the scale of measurement effect when plotting several data series on the same chart. Stacked Charts software tool plots on the same chart data series with equal or different measurement scale, each in its own portion of the plot area. The data series never overlap and you get a very clear picture of the information. Read more...

Benchmark Chart for Business Performance vs Market Share Growth Analysis Benchmark Map to Compare Product to Market Performance
Evaluate the business performance of several products using sales growth values and market growth, which is a different type of Product Portfolio Analysis also useful for analyzing entire market segments. Read more...

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