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Eye tracking software
Use heatmaps to create attractive advertisements.

Eye tracking is a professional and cost-effective tool to make heatmaps that measure where the attention focuses in an advertisement. While usually applied to print advertisements, it can also be used with video ads. As well as testing a single ad, it is a perfect tool for comparing the impact of two or more ads, to select the most effective.

Before using our Eye Tracking tool to make heat maps, you need to supply the following:

  • Images of the advertisements you want to test, in JPG, GIF, or similar graphic format, with maximum dimensions of 750 x 500 pixels (W x H) and a maximum size of 150 KB. (If necessary, MarketingStat can help you resize your images to meet these requirements.)

  • The text of the open and closed questions you want the survey respondents to answer. For closed questions you must also provide the text of optional answers.
To purchase a Eye Tracking, click the Price link on the menu to the left. We can help you to set up the test, and your ad will be available online within hours.

At the end of the survey, you will receive one or more heatmaps, such as the one shown above. You will also receive a detailed report on the effectiveness of your ad.

To learn more about the Eye Tracking analysis tool, read the CopyTest brochure. Feel free to take the survey yourself - you will find it useful, fun to do, and very cost-effective.
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