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Marketing experts reveal: Business analysis with in-house data makes your business more profitable and successful.

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Your In-House Data Is not Expensive

In one of our surveys a third of respondents (212 marketing experts) said useful data is expensive. We asked why and they said because it must be gathered outside the company.

We agree with the remaining one third of experts in marketing, who know there is a lot of useful and inexpensive data inside your company.

From purchase orders, to sales reps visits, customer complaints, service sheets and more, there is a whole world of actionable information underneath the data your company has been collecting for years. In many business analysis departments this data is under-used due to a lack of knowledge about handling and analyzing large amounts of data.

If you too aspire to be an analytical company, give us a try!
You will sell more, save big and learn a lot.

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MarketingStat unleashes all the useful information contained in data you already have in-house. You will be amazed by the power of the information that we can supply you with. Call 0800-MY DATA in Switzerland to discuss your particular business case with us. From the USA call 1 (888) MKT DATA.

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