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About Us

MM4XL™ software is a trademark of MarketingStat GmbH.

MarketingStat is a company of the virtual generation. It operates from Switzerland with a workforce spread over Europe and North America. MarketingStat is a privately held enterprise, funded by its founders, and is not currently seeking investment funds.

With MM4XL software you have all the business analysis tools for professional strategic marketing management in one comprehensive Excel add-In.

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

The MM4XL software code is copyright of MarketingStat. Any infringements of copyright will be prosecuted.


About MM4XL

MM4XL is a comprehensive analysis toolbox useful to marketers, business consultants, and academics for improving strategic decision-making.

With MM4XL you extract more strategic information from expensive market data, and you do so by applying methods and techniques described in the relevant literature as well as using innovative solutions. MM4XL gives you unparalleled graphical and analytical power for supporting critical business decisions as well as for monitoring ongoing activities. And this is all in Microsoft Excel®, the most preferred working environment for marketing departments worldwide.

MM4XL software is made possible since 1998 by the joint work of business analysis experts together with marketing experts, statisticians, mathematicians, software programmers, and many others.

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